One Direction Poland
One Direction Poland
We are two Polish girls over 20 who love One Direction and want to share this love with other people.
Come and join us :) We'll be very happy if you'll send us message and want to talk about them or with us :)

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you know what always fucking gets to me? ship & compass, always. those are not platonic tattoos, no fucking way. you don’t get gorgeous, detailed tattoos with your bro pals you get screws and you get pingu you don’t get a goddamn compass that points to home I’m f ukc nng

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louis and ernest picture controversy


wow okay hello so although i do believe in louisandharry i’m generally a bit skeptical at first whenever it comes to larry rumours

but i found something pretty interesting and i’d love for you to join me on this adventure quite similar to that of the da vinci code

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07.06.12 - Turin, Italy

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Where We Are Tour is the #1 tour of the year so far, outgrossing The Rolling Stones at 131.5 million with plenty of shows left. Rest of the list here!

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Zayn probably wouldn’t show up to his concerts if he had a choice

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Anonymous asked: Eleanor: Why couldn't you dress like this at my graduation. Louis: Because this is important.




Harry unfaving the nsfw image that accidentally showed up in his Twitter favorites few hours ago and faving a bunch of kittens and puppies. x/x

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No wonder he and Harry get along so well.


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